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Vaksen COVID-19

Lè w pran vaksen an, sa ap ede pwoteje w ak moun ki ozalantou ou yo kont COVID-19, sa k ap fè nou vin pi pre pou fini ak pandemi sa a.

Nouvèl sou Vaksen COVID-19 la

Coronavirus vaccine site at Mattapan church provides sense of comfort, trust for residents
Boston Herald

“We know that vaccines are the way out of this pandemic. It’s the way to get us back on the right track and we know the toll that COVID-19 has taken on this community.” BMC's Vice President of Mission, Dr. Thea James highlights the opening of the Mattapan COVID-19 Vaccination Site at Morning Star Baptist Church.

Do I Qualify? Vaccine Confusion For Patients With Multiple Serious Medical Conditions

BMC's acting hospital epidemiologist, Dr. Cassandra Pierre weighs in on the latest vaccine eligibility and the conditions that qualify for vaccination in Phase 2.

BMC infectious disease doc on what's ahead for vaccine rollout in Mass.
Boston 25

Infectious diseases expert, Dr. Sabrina Assoumou shares updates on the COVID-19 vaccine with Boston 25 News.

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