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Pediatrics - Autism Program

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The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center assists and empowers individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related disabilities through direct patient support, provider education, and community-based outreach.

We strive to meet the needs of the community in Boston and its surrounding areas in a culturally competent manner by offering high quality and comprehensive care to all.

Please note: The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center is a family resource and support program. If you are looking for an autism evaluation or other information about clinical care, including making an appointment with one of our clinicians, wait times, or referrals, please contact Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at 617.414.4841.

About the Autism Program

Since 2003, clinicians at Boston Medical Center have provided evaluations and ongoing care for children of all ages when there is a pediatrician concern about ASD and related conditions. The team is made up of trained professionals who work alongside Developmental and Behavioral clinicians to provide exceptional medical care without exception and develop innovative, culturally competent approaches and methodologies to best support BMC's patient population. Our team of Resource Specialists offers specialized outreach, training, and advocacy services, forms effective partnerships with schools, collaborates with local organizations, and draws upon a deep knowledge base of social service agencies to facilitate linkages to critical resources.

Facts and Figures

  • Has supported over 6,000 family referrals since its inception in 2007
  • Conducts annual trainings, workshops, and events for over 150 parents, professionals, and community members
  • Has over 1,700 followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest) with an average of 10 new parent and professional followers each week
  • Curates a robust resource library with over 300 materials translated into multiple languages 
  • Operates a highly successful culturally and linguistically diverse Parent Leadership Network (PLAN), with over 25 parent leaders who speak 8 languages
  • Runs a unique Teen Mentoring program (TEAM), with up to 36 participants annually
  • Hosts an annual Autism Awareness Day event for families, community members, and hospital staff
  • Has fostered successful partnerships with over 25 community based agencies and programs
The Autism Plan at Boston Medical Center: Page 1
The Autism Plan at Boston Medical Center: Page 2
The Autism Plan at Boston Medical Center: Page 3

Contact Information

The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center
Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Phone: 617.414.3842
Fax: 617.414.3693
Email: [email protected]


Mailing Address:
801 Albany Street
Floor 1
Boston, MA 02119

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