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To protect the health of patients and staff, BMC is restricting all visitors unless pre-approved by each patient's care team under extenuating circumstances.

Community vaccine sites are now open for booking appointments for Boston residents

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The Team

Physician Advisors

Henri Lee, MD
General Internal Medicine
Tel: 617-414-6967
Pager ID#:1506
[email protected]

Brendan Magauran, MD
Department of Case Management
Tel: 617-414-3591
Pager ID# 4768
[email protected]

Director of Nursing

Wanda Carlson, RN, MS, ACM 
Department of Case Management 

Interim Nurse Manager

Suzanne Furgal
Tel: 617-414-5404

Sr. Administrative Coordinator

Heidi Kinsella
Tel: 617-414-5456
Fax: 617-638-5823

Menino Pavilion Care Managers


Lisa Fuller BSN, RN, CCM
Tel: 617 638-6806
Pager ID# 4880
[email protected]

Emergency Department & Observation Unit

Maria Albano, RN
Tel: 617 638-7274
Pager ID# 8753
[email protected]

Trinika Bullock, RN
Tel: 617-414-7781
PAGER ID#:4313
[email protected]

Kathleen Curtin, RN
Tel: 617-414-5494
Pager ID# 2553
[email protected]

Amy Warburton RN, BSN, ED
Tel: 617-414-6561
Pager ID# 6561
[email protected]

Utilization Review Observation Care Managers

Sheryl Lowden RN
Tel: 617 414 5441
Pager ID# 7230
[email protected]

Eileen Mullaney, RN
Tel: 617-414-1652
Pager ID# 3292
[email protected]

3 West/4 West Nursery & Neonate Intensive Unit Care Managers

Susan Clark, RN
Pager ID# 0724
[email protected]

Donald Traylor, RN
Tel: 617-414-1655
Pager ID# 7440
[email protected]

Michelle Harty, RN
Tel: 617-638-6844
Pager ID# 1474
[email protected]

4 East Pediatric /Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Care Manager

Paul Valante RN, BA, LSW
Tel: 617-414-5435
Pager ID# 7788
[email protected]

Intensive Care Units

Terry Foley, RN,BSN, CCM
Tel: 617-4147735
Pager ID#:5131

Progressive Telemetry Unit

Marilyn Mooney, RN
Tel: 617-414-5433
Pager ID# 5433
[email protected]

6 East Medical Care Managers

Maureen Ferrari, RN
Tel: 617-414-4750
Pager ID# 1957
[email protected]

Dawne Lane, RN
Tel: 617-414-7551 Pager ID#5732, [email protected]

Opal Mitchell, RN
Tel: 617-638-6853
Pager ID# 6672
[email protected]

6 West Medical & Geriatric Care Managers

Arlene Salter, RN
Tel: 617-414-5598
Pager ID# 0362
[email protected]

Ronnie Pratolongo, RN
Tel: 617-414-5455
Pager ID# 3003
[email protected]

7 East Medical/Surgical Care Managers

Tricia Jones, RN
Tel: 617-414-1655
Pager ID# 0246
[email protected]

Marci Larsen, RN, BSN
Tel: 617-414-4642
Pager ID# 9483
[email protected]

Yawkey Care Managers

4 North Maternity/NICU

Bridgette Vento, RN
Tel: 617-638-6824
Pager ID# 9525
[email protected]

Coverage Care Managers

Ann Lorraine Barry, RN
Tel: 617-414-7701
Pager ID#:1615
[email protected]

Danielle Brandt, RN, BSN
Tel: 617-414-7740
Pager ID#: 2240
[email protected]

Maria Cipriano, RN
Pager ID#:2878
[email protected]

Denise Daley, RN
Tel: 617-414-7747
Pager ID# 5158
[email protected]

Ann Harte, RN, CCM
Tel: 617-414-5438
Pager ID# 2790
[email protected]

Sharmecka Horton, RN, CCM
Pager ID#:2879
[email protected]

James Lewis, RN
Pager ID#9482
[email protected]

Andrea Ricchezza, RN
Tel: 617-414-4609
Pager ID# 7807
[email protected]

Patricia Sieminski, RN
Pager ID#: 7707
[email protected]

Barbara Sullivan, RN
Pager ID#: 5458
[email protected]