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Prescription medication can be one of the most challenging aspects of managing your healthcare. At Boston Medical Center, our pharmacy team is here to help. Every time you fill a prescription with us, we review your information to ensure the medication is appropriate and interacts safely with any other medications you may be taking.

Across the hospital, BMC pharmacists not only support those who are hospitalized, having treatments and procedures, and are getting ready to go home, but we also have retail and specialty pharmacies and a mail order service. We also offer pharmacist consultations in many of our clinics so you can have your questions answered during your doctor's appointments.

At BMC, we recognize that many patients worry about the cost of filling their prescriptions. We are committed to helping each patient access the resources they need to pay for medication so their conditions can be treated. In addition, we can help patients with their insurance and connect them to our patient financial services team who can help them sign up for Medicaid, if necessary.

"I receive excellent service at your pharmacy. I'm greeted with a friendly smile, service is courteous, and I am contacted when I need to refill my prescription and when it's ready to pick up. I haven't seen this level of efficiency elsewhere."

~ Leslie

Retail Pharmacies

There are three retail pharmacies located on the BMC campus: Doctor's Office Building, Shapiro Ambulatory Care Center and Yawkey Ambulatory Care Center. These pharmacies can fill prescriptions from your providers at BMC. At the Shapiro pharmacy, you can also transfer prescriptions from a different pharmacy to BMC so that all of your medications are filled at one location.

Pharmacy Services

Specialty Pharmacy

Our specialty pharmacy provides medications that cannot be filled through a traditional pharmacy.

Mail Order Prescriptions

BMC offers a mail order service facility called Cornerstone Health Solutions.

Online Refills

Monitor your prescriptions and order refills through our secure online portal.

Multi Med Packaging

Multiple medications packaged together for individual patients daily use.

My Medicine Health

A dedicated pharmacy contact to help manage prescriptions for eligible patients.


Medications that need to be compounded, or created, by mixing different medications together.

Tuberculosis (TB)

We help patients with tuberculosis (TB) complete their course of treatment.